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Stats-wise with Rhonda Amsel

Statistics are everywhere in daily life, from weather forcasting to urban planning.

This talk will ask participants to consider:

  • Why stats is a required component for many non-math programs
  • Why the choice of analysis conveys information to the reader
  • Why the reader must assess how clearly the analysis leads to the conclusion

Prof. Amsel taught statistics for over 40 years in the Department of Psychology before retiring in 2020. Rhonda has supported tens of thousands of students, many of whom once considered statistics to be an impossible hurdle to overcome. She considers their success to be her success. She is interested in the design and statistical analysis of behavioral studies. She is currently involved in a variety of measurement and methodological issues within the context of cognitive assessment, health psychology, and neuroscience.

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Monday, September 19, 2022
1 hour
Colgate Room, Rare Books and Special Collections
McLennan Library Building
Associated Branch: 
Science Literacy Week
Downtown Campus

Registrations are closed for this Library Workshop Session

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