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How to separate sense from nonsense when our health is on the line?

The Library is excited to welcome Jonathan Jarry from the McGill Office for Science and Society to help us separate sense from nonsense during Science Literacy Week.

We are being bombarded with messages selling us revolutionary treatments and game-changing scientific discoveries when it comes to our health. Charlatans fill us with hope with their science-flavoured books, while the media too often emphasizes unreliable testimonies over scientific data. How can we separate sense from nonsense? The right tools can help us identify good science and warn us against dangerous falsehoods.  

NOTE: No need to register. Please join us!

Thursday, September 20, 2018
45 min
Research Commons
Redpath Library Building
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Science Literacy Week
Special Notes: 
Registration is not required. All are welcome!
Downtown Campus

Registrations are closed for this Library Workshop Session

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