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A day in the life of a honeybee

Honey bees are having their moment in the sun, as we become more aware of the enormous contribution they make to biodiversity, and of the many threats faced by bee colonies.

Join members of the Santropol Roulant Beekeeping Collective for this interactive presentation and learn about why bees are so important, how their colonies work, a typical day in the life of a honeybee, and the work of beekepers such as the Santropol Roulant collective.  We'll demonstrate what happens when a beekeeper checks a hive, and will even give some tips on how to locate the often elusive queen bee!

McGill users, please sign in to register below and let us know you'll attend. Members of the public, please email martin.morris [at] (Martin Morris) to register.

Thursday, September 24, 2015
90 minutes
Macdonald Harrington Building
Associated Branch: 
Science Literacy Week

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